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Choosing the wrong color can make your business colorless!

Do you know that color psychology in web design can affect your conversion rate?

People take 20 seconds or less to decide whether or not they like a product, and 90% of that decision is made solely on the basis of color.

What is color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior.

Color can increase brand recognition by 80 %.

How to Use Color Psychology In Web Design?

Every website has a goal – purchase, subscription, or registration. Color psychology helps drive those engagements successfully. Every color has a message to convey.

Color should always be kept in mind at the time of your website design & development in order to get the best results.

Let’s look at some of the colors and what they represent-


Red color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

Want to grab your visitor’s attention then red is the color you should go with.

The color red helps you to prompt action or Creates excitement or a sense of urgency.

Red can be used to create warnings or boldness. Let’s say you have a CTA button that says “Buy Now” it is always preferred to keep it in red.

There’s no color better than red to grab the attention.

Red can be used on your website if you have a clearance sale or promote something.

For e-commerce and restaurant website red would be the best color.


Blue color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

The color Blue is generally associated with trust, safety, and calmness and these are the reasons why most Social network sites use blue as their theme color.

Blue would be the perfect color for Websites like medical or health, government sites, legal sites, or even financial sites.


color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

Yellow gives you a sense of Comfort, Enthusiasm & Happiness. Different shades of yellow convey different messages.

For e.g. a bright yellow signifies excitement or signals caution and a dark shade of yellow represents antiquity and age.

The color yellow is frequently seen on parenting, wellness, and travel websites.


Orange color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

The combination of red and yellow give you the secondary color Orange.

For this reason, a lot of websites use orange for their CTA button. Orange is energetic, positive, friendly, and calm.

A lot of websites also use orange to showcase creativity. If you are looking for something close to red and yellow then orange would be the best option.


Purple color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

The color purple is associated with royalty. It can be used to express imagination, creativity, authority, sophistication, power, wealth, prosperity, mystery, wisdom, and respect.

Websites selling women’s products would have higher conversion if they used a tone of purple on their site.

According to a survey, women prefer purple more over other colors.


White color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

White represents innocence, virtue, and purity. Have you ever heard the term “White Space”?

If yes, then you would know the importance of white in web design. It gives your visitor a space to breathe.

Every website should have a shade of white, it will improve its readability and help the content to stand out.


Black color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

We often associate black with a negative sense, but in web design black conveys elegance, glamour, and sleekness.

Most luxury brands prefer to go with black because it promotes power, prestige, and authority.

Some of the brands that use black are – Puma, Nike, Gucci, Chanel, and Prada.


Green color psychology used in a website designed by Minerva Infotech

Growth gives a sense of Balance, healthy, and natural or restores exhaust energy.

Green themes are frequently used on websites that promote environmental causes or sell outdoor gear.

Green, which is also eye-friendly like blue, is linked to relaxation. It is an excellent color for relaxing visitors.


Color psychology is still generalized, and emotional associations with colors can vary depending on culture, personal experience, and other factors.

Take an active role in selecting your color scheme rather than leaving it up to a designer.

You are the only person who knows what you want your website to say and what you want your visitors to do when they visit your website.

Did you know it before? let us know in the comment.


Colors help to draw the attention of viewers.

The brand colors should be used in all forms of communication with customers, including the logo, cards, advertisements, company emails, and the website.

Always choose colors that highlight your brand’s strength and goal in order to attract the right audience and make it memorable.

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