5 Questions to ask before developing a website

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Ready to create a new website from scratch? It could be a good idea to pause and reflect for a while.

83% of the time, people build a website without doing any market research which leads them to failure!

So, do you have a foolproof plan in place?

Even though building a website is a pretty straightforward procedure, there are a few important questions you need to answer to take into account before starting to establish your online presence as a pro.

The following list of 5 questions to ask before developing a website will help you make sure the road ahead will be easy sailing.


5 Questions to ask before developing a website

What does your website aim to achieve?

One of the most crucial questions to ask before developing a website is the initial purpose behind your website’s launch. Asking yourself this question will help you choose what you need from this website and how you want it to help you.

Is the entire objective of your website to satisfy a hobby? If so, you can easily choose a hosting provider and create a website at a fairly slow pace.

However, if you are building your website for business purposes, you will need to get a hosting plan that won’t expire on you quickly, maintain a professional and work-friendly website design, and produce a consistent stream of new content to draw in visitors and keep them coming back.

Who is your target audience?

The following question concerns your website’s target audience or the people you hope to attract as visitors.

You should consider who would be interested in your work and whether they would be willing to pay for it.

You may also need to ask more precise questions, such as “What level of experience would my target audience have with the subject matter?” and “How should I go about convincing them to buy?” “Who would be interested in my website?”

How will you differentiate yourself?

As of 2022, there were 1.93 billion websites on the globe. Whatever your sector or technique, it’s likely that it’s been done before.

But, do you bring a fresh viewpoint to your field? Do you have access to unique information sources in your industry? Do you have an interesting tale to tell? If so, you may have a chance to make your website truly unique.

With little more than a distinct voice or writing style, you may distinguish your website and brand. However, having more than one way to overcome the opponent is always helpful.

What will attract the audience to come back?

After attracting people to your website, the following step is to keep them there. Internet users have a short attention span and rarely stay on a single page for an extended period of time. 

They will simply quit unless your site is supplied with fresh information to keep readers interested and there are things they can do to keep themselves engaged on your website.

There are several methods for increasing the average time spent on your website. Google Analytics, for example, can assist you in determining your bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors that visit your website but leave without clicking. Including a comments section on your blog, social media buttons, and a CTA are all proven techniques to reduce bounce rates.

What is your total budget for the website development?

Creating a website isn’t always expensive, but it might be depending on your needs. If you are preparing to establish a website for professional reasons, you should have a budget in place before proceeding.

How much money are you willing to spend on your website in total? Once you’ve determined that, try to break your budget into several categories such as hosting, web design, and marketing efforts.

To attain the best outcomes, you’ll need to distribute your budget appropriately among all of these areas, depending on your individual use case.

Final Thoughts 

From beginning to end, creating a professional website is a difficult task. By answering the above questions to ask before developing a website, You should be more than ready for any challenges that may stand in your way of achieving your website goals.

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